There’s really nothing trivial about Tweetsteria

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How it Works

  • An impossibly hard Tweetsteria challenge is presented on the Question Screen.
  • Players test their research skills as they use their own devices to find answers to these obscure trivia questions.
  • Single players team up with members of opposite sex to reduce solution times.
  • Correct answers are tweeted as quickly as possible alongside the #tweetsteria hashtag…
  • The first correct answer tweet to appear on the Tweetsteria game screen wins a twenty dollar bill!
  • Tweetsteria Grand Prize Winner is the player with the most wins after twenty-one queries (three rounds of seven).
Tweetsteria at Addisons Residence Toronto

Play Tweetsteria for $20s at AddisonsTO

Next Tweetsteria is Thursday 2oth of July evening at The Addison’s Residence, Toronto

Come test your mind and Twitter fingers in this fun and interactive trivia game that’s totally unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Meet other singles while competing for cash and fame and become ‘the couple with the greatest game’.

Addison's Backyard evening


Get there between before 8pm to join in the interactive mixer where you can meet people, win prizes and possibly form a team with another like-minded player (of the opposite sex, preferably).

Questions are asked on the local establishment’s in-house television screens. The Game Screen is a Twitter feed wall programmed to display tweets in chronological order, and that sets the stage for a timely race.

Answers require users go online with their own devices and research clues before they use Twitter to post their answers – first correct tweet to show up on the feed wall wins a twenty-dollar bill.

KPDI digital strategy agency in TorontoTweetsteria II is co-sponsored by KPDI Digital Strategy Agency in Toronto.  The game is not really about the trivia at all, but tests social media button skills.

Players do not need big Twitter followings to win, just an active account. Laptop computers are not allowed.

Tickets must be purchased in advance!!

Tweetsteria winner gets cash and Single in the City book

May 24 Tweetsteria Debut At Cagneys

On May 24th 2017, the very first game of Tweetsteria was played in the less-than-crowded front lounge of Cagney’s wine bar in Mississauga.  For no good reason, other than it was a Wednesday night in Streetsville, the attendance was poor. But new attractions like Tweetsteria take time to grow; the more people who learn about this fiduciary festival, the more fans it will find.

The first ever game of Tweesteria had fourteen players and that was enough to watch it work. It was quite remarkable how Singles met for the first time and within a few rounds they combined forces to improve their odds of winning cash. The fastest readers and quickest writers triumphed by working together answering time sensitive trivia questions on Twitter.

couples collude to win cash

Each person present was seeking some form of companionship and in some small way looking to express themselves. The game works because it provides a lot of satisfaction for men and women staking a quick claim on social media and then being cashed-out as correct.

tweetsteria at Cagenys

There were dozens of hilarious moments that night. The image to the right crystallizes a moment in the mixer which happened before the Tweetsteria event began. During this impromptu meeting time when singles mingle to find partners there was a mini-trivia warm-up game. In that pregame match, one of the organizers flubbed a question, and then defended the wrong answer. It was awkward, and the incident was captured for posterity by an amateur sketch artist in the room. This talented lady certainly added to the high tech media made that night as she depicted other personalities using her pencil and paper. Her extracurricular fan-tweets displaying these cartoon caricatures of real life organizers were amusing and added to the appeal of this real life digital attraction.

The first game of Tweetsteria was legendary for many good reasons and that includes having Modern Mississauga magazine as a committed media partner. Jay Kana bravely introduced the concept of  Tweetsteria to his readership and gave the first scoop on the sponsors.  Two of the attendees who participated in the first event read that article and followed links to the sponsors to research them beforehand, the two winners.

Watching Laura Bilotta co-host the event with Raymi the Minx was a minor spectacle in itself.  These ladies clashed once over improperly tagged Instagram images LOL. But of course both writers left glowing accounts of each other and their experiences conducting the contest on their lifestyle blogs afterwards.

Raymi the Minx co-hosted Tweetsteria with Laura Bilotta

Raymi the minx co-hosted Tweetsteria with Laura Bilotta

Raymi is a talented blogger with a big following and her own distinct writing style. She did a terrific job describing her role as a trivia game show host on Raymi the Minx blog and was definitely very public with her disclosure about the Sponsors!  A few days later, much to everyone’s surprise, she detailed Tweetsteria game on her Raymi Toronto blog.  Her big energy was appreciated by all players the moment the game started and she shouted out the rules; everyone in the room knew what they had to do to win before the game even began because she was so loud and proud.  

Laura Bilotta wrote about how Tweetsteria turns Singles into Couples on Single in the City’s web blog, and this is probably the most official account of the event and is referenced in all subsequent media digesting the merits of the marketing.

Laura runs Tweetsteria at CaagneysThe honest truth is.. It wasn’t until halfway through the first round that Laura realized the true potential of Tweetsteria, and more than simply being reassured the game works, this veteran Singles event designer and talk show host began to see how it could take off and become something     like     a     phenomenon.

Probably the most well-read chronicle of the contest was crafted by Rob Campbell and entitled Tweetsteria Pays Singles to Play Triviapublished on Life as a Human magazine in British Columbia. The first out-of-province press, the article did well in this magazine’s Dating Stories section, accruing some modest re-tweets and Likes and shares on Facebook.

This author’s favourite retelling is entitled Singles Play Tweetsteria for Love and Money on Sharing Toronto. These two articles are perhaps the easiest to understand, and most visual dispatches.

Tweetreach for Tweetsteria 24 May 2017

Surround digital marketing agency blog shows Twitter hashtag statistics from the night (courtesy of TweetReach) and details Tweetsteria as a breakthrough for mobile marketing in Canada.

SMOJoe put the Tweetsteria question deck from 24 May 2017 on Slideshare and lamented about the missed opportunity to tell better stories using sponsored trivia. The post explores the prospect of further evolving Tweetsteria as a brand storytelling vehicle.

Here’s the list of ideas SMOJoe Blog generated for how to tell better stories using sponsored trivia.


  1. MAKE A HERO: Introduce a protagonist in the slide that participants must help accomplish a understandable task.
  2. ADD ANOTHER HOST / NARRATOR / CONFLICT: Bring another narrator (a celebrity?) on board to share the microphone with Laura and have them conflict on certain issues related to Singles and thereby make drama that forces people to take sides. Host conflict can produce audience cohesion.
  3. GRAPHIC BUMPERS and video clips would help. Insert video clips between questions to move a well crafted story along
  4. HOST DIALOGUE: Insert more host banter and good old fashion storytelling between questions
  5. ADOPT A CHARITY: Adopt a cause or charity to focus on raising money or awareness for…?
  6. ADD STORY RICH PRIZING: Work the prizing into the story – a grand prize trip to Caribbean could inspire tropical theme questions and a story could evolve around surviving snakebites or being shipwrecked.
  7. INVOLVE PARTICIPANTS: We can work the audience into the action better by directly involving them in the story. We could photograph a person ad project their image and ask the audience to research where they bought their distinctive hat? or their new shoes? and how much they paid etc Also we need to better encourage people to leave their comfort zone and abandon the friends they came with in favour of finding new and better partners to win cash
  8. MULTI MEDIA? Maybe we could add some challenges on another social networking platform?
  9. LOCAL CELEBRITIES: We can add guests to the show and have each of them relate a significant story byte in a montage of meaning to be magnified in the final sequence.
  10. STREAMLINE SPONSORS and plant story bytes on their websites and blogs so Tweetsteria players are impacted by the story they ‘discover’ when researching the answers to questions asked in the show. So if there was a hero introduced at the top of the show, he or she could appear in all the blogs like Zelig (Woody Allen movie about fictional historical figure) and a Where’s Waldo story could emerge.

The second Tweetsteria is now scheduled to occur at The Addisons’ Residence (a bar) on Wellington St East in downtown Toronto. This popular nightclub will witness the second evolution of Tweetsteria and promises to be a much bigger show with more and better storytelling surrounding the same generous cash giveaways.  Get your ticket now while there’s still time!

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