Tweetsteria at Addisons Residence Toronto

Play Tweetsteria for $20s at AddisonsTO

Next Tweetsteria is Thursday 2oth of July evening at The Addison’s Residence, Toronto

Come test your mind and Twitter fingers in this fun and interactive trivia game that’s totally unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Meet other singles while competing for cash and fame and become ‘the couple with the greatest game’.

Addison's Backyard evening


Get there between before 8pm to join in the interactive mixer where you can meet people, win prizes and possibly form a team with another like-minded player (of the opposite sex, preferably).

Questions are asked on the local establishment’s in-house television screens. The Game Screen is a Twitter feed wall programmed to display tweets in chronological order, and that sets the stage for a timely race.

Answers require users go online with their own devices and research clues before they use Twitter to post their answers – first correct tweet to show up on the feed wall wins a twenty-dollar bill.

KPDI digital strategy agency in TorontoTweetsteria II is co-sponsored by KPDI Digital Strategy Agency in Toronto.  The game is not really about the trivia at all, but tests social media button skills.

Players do not need big Twitter followings to win, just an active account. Laptop computers are not allowed.

Tickets must be purchased in advance!!

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