Cloud Warriors preceded tweetsteria

The very first Twitter wall this author ever interacted with in public was set up to offer challenges and give rewards for correct replies. So the idea isn’t exactly new, but Tweetsteria’s format is certainly unique, and the software that has since been developed has made our program the best engine in the world to display the ‘hysteria’ that bequeathing twenty dollar bills in crowded bars and nightclubs can create…

Cloud Warriors at Cagneys in 2015

Cloud Warriors – February 24th 2015 at Cagney’s 

The very first Twitter based trivia game ever shaped as a marketing event by this author was promoted to the public as Cloud Warriors because it was sponsored by a fledgling ISP that was eager to carve out market share in Mississauga near a newly purchased data center.  The client was seeking greater findability for ‘cloud services’ which was a seventy dollar pay-per-click keyword back then and is probably twice that today.  Cloud Warriors was under attended but worked as a content marketing piece with articles appearing in local publications before and after the event.

Mississauga Life, Spirit of the City wrote about Cloud Warriors before it happened inviting folks to come join the fun before it happened. That now defunct periodical’s principle author and editor Jay Kana has since started his own Modern Mississauga magazine and was again an early supporter of Tweetsteria.

Cloud Warriors trivia game was recorded for posterity on Digital Journal after it happened and the story is filled with pictures and anecdotes from that historic occasion.

Nandos Logo

Nando’s Chicken Travelling Trivia, March 2016

The Twitter trivia game was brought back to life in another form altogether one year later when the concept was featured as the traveling trivia attraction for Nandos Chicken’s new restaurant opening in Oshawa, back in March 2016.   The event happened in a specially tricked out tour bus filled with digital media influencers and Nandos’ chicken mavens.

Nandos commuters played a brand trivia contest

This event actually happened twice as the bus trekked from Oshawa to the flagship Nandos’ Chicken dispensaries in Mississauga and downtown Toronto (on Bay st), and on both occasions the occupants of the bus played the brand trivia game.

Nandos Canada played brand trivia over Twitter in 2016

The questions traced the origins of the nandos Chicken company from South Africa to Spain to London England and across the United Kingdom. The organization has served spicy chicken to Royals and many other heads-of-state and had its share of controversies too. All these interesting stories were shared in the show which made or reinforced the corporate myths. And after every correct question the host dispensed a small two ounce taster from a case of peri peri sauce bottles.

What effect did it have? The Nando’s Canada Twitter Trivia Game played on The Nandwagon, the artfully wrapped bus you see in the photo above, on two separate expeditions ferrying 48 Nanbassadores in total, reached 14,000 Twitter accounts and impacted approximately 58,400 people on the platform. These numbers are respectable, for Oshawa.

Additionally, the media made during the campaign was further employed in a branded content marketing initiative which include tell-all blog posts on Surround and LinkedIn and a Spanish Canadian magazine called Mercator.  When compared with the level excitement created for other Nando’s franchise openings, the Oshawa launch event stands apart as being uniquely successful and memorable.

Tweetsteria was born 24th May 2017 at Cagneys

The game we now celebrate as Tweetsteria took its final shape inside Cagneys Steakhouse in Mississauga on Wednesday night the 24th of May 2017. Yes the return to Cagney’s was purely coincidental and has much to do with the owner’s benevolence combined with a perfect game show studio like layout complete with televisions above the bar and various rotating coloured lights. Laura runs Tweetsteria at Caagneys

The first Tweetsteria event happened just after SMOJoe convinced Laura Bilotta from Single in the City to try something new and test this Twitter based trivia event with her membership. Normally such a request is denied without much consideration, but this time Laura was curious and when she heard that players win money her curiosity was piqued.

Together Rob Campbell from Smojoe and Laura from Single in the City made it happen on behalf of Surround and six clients.

At the venue, participants who arrived to play the first game were new players of course and the crowd of fourteen people was perplexed at first; the questions were harder than they expected. But then they caught on as Laura encouraged everyone to use their phones to go online and find answers. Then it became a race to post the correct reply with the correct hashtag, and the first tweet to appear on the game screen won the match and the money. Then it was Game On!

In Surround’s agency’s marketing cauldron and using their clients, we made state-of-the-art story driven mobile marketing before, during, and after the event.

Laura co-hosted the event with Raymi the Minx, game show host.

Tweetsteria game designers now embrace the challenge of using a trivia game to tell stories for business entities.

The cash prize is also a photo license fee. On May 24th 2017 the Single in the City organization distributed $420, which is $20 for each correct answer for twenty one separate questions. The cost is small, compared to what we learned that evening and the excitement (the hysteria) on the faces of the people in these pictures.

The new game impacts online consumers before, during and after the real-life event attraction. Stories about each Tweetsteria occasion blossom first as social media spectacles, then grow into more complex content marketing exercises with the bulk of the storytelling happening after the match. Writers harvesting the fruit tell straightforward stories about ‘what happened?’ and ‘who won?’