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First Tweetsteria – 24 May 2017, Streetsville

Tweesteria #1 was played at Cagney’s in Mississauga

Cagney's Wine Bar in Mississauga

Six local businesses, all clients of Surround digital marketing agency headquartered in Oakville Ontario were the brave sponsors of the very first Tweetsteria.  The first event happened when SMOJoe convinced Laura Bilotta from Single in the City to try something new and test this Twitter based trivia event.

Single in the City with Surround and DRMG direct mail marketing

First, alphabetically, is Aire One air conditioning service which has been around since 1990 (that’s 27 years #Tweetsteria). They are proud of their coverage of the GTA, and so their Tweetsteria question asked the audience to determine how many locations there were now across the province of Ontario? The answer was nine.

The second sponsor was Master Mechanic which has their head office in Mississauga. To solve their query the audience had to use the local maps function on the phones to find the closest ‘master’.

Weed-A-Way lawn care is also headquartered in Mississauga and slowly expanding across southern Ontario. Their question was originally concerning the proper treatment for Pink Snow Mold, but was changed to ‘What is the Latin name for Black Nightshade?’ as that was deemed to be somehow more acceptable to Singles, even though Pink Snow Mold is a real problem in the region, especially along low lying properties near the Credit River.

six sponsors for Tweetsteria 1

Softron Tax a growing bookkeeping service in Mississauga took a clever approach by asking Singles to research the coded number atop the tax form that newly married couples must submit to the government at tax time. RC#65 spells the end of financial independence for freshly betrothed Canadians.

Thermo Bilt Windows and Doors question was the best and hardest of the bunch. It asked players to find the element most commonly used as insulation inside two play vacuum sealed thermal insulated windows. The answer, ‘Argon’ required the audience research and learn about this company’s number one product offering.

Zayouna Personal Injury Lawyer in MississaugaFinally Zayouna Personal Injury Lawyers asked the audience to research where their founder went to law school – York University.

Media partners included Modern Mississauga magazine and Life as a Human magazine which is headquartered in Victoria British Columbia.

Second Tweetsteria, The Addison’s Residence, Toronto

KPDI agency digital marketingThe second Tweetsteria is sponsored by KPDI digital strategy agency in Toronto. They are supporters in every sense, as their technicians have been instrumental in refining the Tweetsteria display program in the sixty day interval between these two shows. agency is located at 401 Logan ave and is the same location as Kwaf wine club and wine gifts in Toronto. kwäf sells top wines selected by sommeliers, including wine clubs and wine gifts, and they deliver wine in Toronto and all across Canada.

Walton Wood Farm beard wash and s products –


Standard Telecom is an obvious sponsor


Archer Dental is not an obvious sponsor except for the fact that Dr Natalie Archer is a very savvy marketer